Are you struggling with trying to figure out how to win love back from your  ex?

I'm sorry we had to meet under these circumstances but I'm glad you found your way to this website. I hope that this is the start of your healing process. 

There are many couples who are able to overcome their relationship problems and go on to a long term happy and healthy relationship. I hope you are able to be one of the thousand's each year who find the way to rekindle the love with their ex.

If your situation is anything like mine was I'm sure you are hurting and looking for real answers, help and not a bunch of over hyped empty promises.

Breaking up with someone you love is difficult to say the least. It's difficult to sleep, eat, work or enjoy life. There are a lot of books, CDs, DVDs or Marriage Therapists waiting to help you figure out how to win love back from your ex and relieve you of your pain and suffering.

Deciding what's useful and what's a waste of your time and money is not the best use of your time. You need to devote your free time to getting your life back on track and if it's your desire, getting back together with your ex.

To help you in your quest to win love back from your ex we have reviewed some of the best programs available to help you along the way as you seek to get your relationship back.

Listed below is a brief review of the 5 programs created to help hurting folks ease their pain and figure out how to win love back from their ex.

The Magic Of Making Up: This program has been used to help over 50 thousand couples re-unite in over 77 countries. You can expect real advice that can easily be understood and implemented.
 Magic Of Making Up Now.

                                               Rating:  Five Checks      
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Pull Your Ex Back: A comprehensive guide based on psychological techniques that you can implement immediately to begin the process of re-connecting with your ex.
Pull Your Ex Back Now.

                                       Rating:  Four Checks      
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How To Get Your Ex Back: With this program you get a complete video series, instant access to the guide and inside secrets to show you the right way to contact your ex. How To Get Your Ex Back Now.

Rating:  Three Checks      
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How Do I Get Him Back: This program offers advice from a licensed professional counselor, Therapist with 18 years of experience.  Also, comes with 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results. How Do I get Him Back Now.

                                         Rating:  Three Checks      
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Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: This program will provide you will real examples of what others did to get their ex girlfriend back. You also will receive detailed mind maps to walk you through different scenarios and prepare you based on your personal situation. 
 Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Now.

                                           Rating:  Two Checks      
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Course Features Rating Price
The Magic of Making Up 

 Best E-book course available
 Most comprehensive we've seen
 Instant access to resources

Our Full Review
Pull Your Ex Back

  A decent e-book based course
  60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our Full Review
How To Get Your Ex Back

  Video Series, Instant Access To Guide
  Additional Bonuses

Our Full Review
How Do I Get Him Back

 Quality resource with easy to follow guide 
 Free 15 minute consultation available

Our Full Review
Get Your Ex Girl Back

 Real life case studies included
 2 Free Bonuses available

Our Full Review

Get Ex Back Articles - Helpful Articles To Assist With Getting Your Ex Back

I Still Want To Be With My Ex

If you find yourself saying, "I still want to be with my ex" you aren't alone. There are countless numbers of people who desire to stay in a relationship or get back together with an ex. Just because it seems like there is no hope it doesn't mean that there isn't any. There is still a chance that what you had can come back even stronger. When you are saying "I still want to be with my ex" and you want to get that love back it is going to have to come back stronger if it is going to last.

For those of you saying, "I still want to be with my ex" you may have a desire to turn back the clock and bring back what was lost. Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it but if things aren't different you may end up with the same result.

You can try a program like The Magic Of Making Up or Pull Your Ex Back to get started on the road to getting your ex back.

You need to examine the mistakes that were made or the issues that drove you apart and figure out how things got to the breaking point. You need to be able to build a stronger foundation than you had before. You are going to have to try and start from ground zero. To win love back from your ex, you are going to have to try and start all over again. Just find a way to do it better. Tell yourself, "I still want to be with my ex, but I want it to be better than before."

Try re-establishing a friendship. Take it slow. If your ex feels like you are trying to make things like they were, they may be resistant to it. Don't push things, just let things take their natural course. If the two of you are supposed to be together, it will happen. Just let it happen naturally.

Think positively about it. Don't let your ex see you crying or depressed about it. You want to try and make it look like you are a joy to come back to. If your ex sees that you are walking around depressed, they may decide that they don't want to have that in their lives. If they see that for you life has gone on and you are happy they may want to join you in your happiness.

Try to think of what type of person you would like to be with. Do you think that they would want to be with that type of person as well? People want to be with happy people who can brighten their day and make them smile. People want to be with someone who makes them feel that they have a purpose and that they aren't alone. Try to be someone that makes someone feel like that. Make your ex feel special by just being an encouraging friend.

If you make yourself valuable to your ex and are able to make them feel valuable you may have a chance to win love back from your ex. You may also be making a foundation that will last forever. It is a good thing to say "I still want to be with my ex." It is an even better thing to try and make the foundation of that love stronger.

Need Help Getting You and Your Boyfriend Back Together

You need help getting you and your boyfriend to get back together. Do you miss him a lot? Do you feel like a part of your life is missing? Are you desperate to get him back? If you need help getting you and your boyfriend back together then you may need to change the way you approach him and the situation. If things went very fast and marriage seemed like a sure thing, he may have gotten scared off. Now you need to figure out how to win love back from your ex boyfriend.

It could very well be that he felt smothered and didn't have enough space or didn't feel like he was in control, of his future. It could also be that you are pressuring him too much now and all he wants is to be away from you. Hopefully this is the case but if you push too much it very well could be. If you need help getting you and your boyfriend to get back together you have to be aware of this.

Your boyfriend may be like many males and thrive on being independent. They need their space from time to time. While the idea of marriage and commitment may have seemed appealing to them for a moment, reality could have set in and now they are feeling trapped. Males very often need to feel in charge. They need to feel in charge of not only themselves, but of situations.

If things start getting fast they don't feel so in control anymore. Once marriage or long term commitment starts getting discussed it is easy to feel that you are getting sucked into something if you don't feel ready. If they feel they aren't ready, they most likely aren't. If they feel like they are getting pushed down a road they don't think they want to go yet, they may push themselves away.

If he has pushed himself away and you really want you and your boyfriend get back together you are likely going to have to be secretive and sensitive about it. You will have to decide that you don't want to force him down the road. You want him to just walk with you and let him feel he is taking the lead. He needs to feel like he is choosing this direction.

Since there is no direction right now and you are dealing with a break up, now is actually a good time to get started back down that path. He may feel free and clear of you and to an extent very well may be. If he has any desire to talk with you and you are still on a friendly basis, just be available, but not too available. If he is going to call you, make it seem like you are hard to get on the phone. If he wants to make some plans with you, turn him down at first but ask for a rain check. The goal is to make him seem like he is pursuing you. Let him be in the hunt.

Also let him have something to hunt for. Sometimes the things most desired are the things that are hard to get. Those will also be the things that makes them more likely to go in for the kill which is what you want him to do. You want him to commit and if you make yourself someone worth hunting and let yourself be hunted and not necessarily caught, you may see you and your boyfriend get back together and you will no longer be stuck trying to figure out how to win love back from your honey.

I Need My Husband Back - 5 Helpful Tips

"I need my husband back" are the words spoken by a lot of women who have seen their marriage begin to fall apart. It happens often times quietly and slowly and before you know it the marriage looks like it is heading toward divorce. If you aren't willing to let your marriage die, if you aren't willing to let it fall apart right before your very eyes, then do something about it. Here are some helpful tips that can help you get that love back when "I need my husband back."

  1. Realize that it wasn't just you and it wasn't just him. It was the both of you. If you are willing to make changes in the way you approach the marriage, your husband might be willing to. Some of it comes down to the way you look at the situation.
  2. Realize that it wasn't all one person who is at fault. "It takes two to tango" the saying goes. The same thing is true in any relationship. It isn't just one person that makes it work and it isn't just one person that causes it to fall apart. Don't put all of the weight on your shoulders and don't put it all on your husband's. Pull your weight and encourage him by example to pull his own in trying to make things right.
  3. Start with where you are in life and see where you are in life. Look at what it is that makes you happy and drives you. Look for the same thing with your husband. Try to find common ground. If there is love there, you will find that common ground.
  4. Once you have found that common ground, try to find some way to use that to your advantage. If there is something that brings the two of you joy, try to find some way for the two of you to experience it together. Let it seem like a spontaneous thought and try to make it seem like it is his idea. Try and generate some excitement about it. Don't go over board with the excitement, though.
  5. When you are doing the things that the both of you love, let him know how special you think he is and how much you appreciate him. Let him know that you miss what you used to have. Let him know how you feel. It is easier to have those feelings reciprocated when you are both having fun doing something you love. Don't be afraid to tell him, "I need my husband back." You may just find out he wants the same thing.

You have to know that it may not be possible to get back the relationship to the level it was when it was at it's peak. Just because "I want my husband back" doesn't mean that it is the best thing to get it back to the way that it was. You should believe, though, that what you saw as the high point of your relationship doesn't have to be the all time high point. The best in life is still to come if you are willing to do the work that you need to do get him back. Tell yourself, "I need my husband back and I will figure out how to win love back from my husband, but I want the relationship back stronger than ever" and then work to make it happen.

Trying To Get Back Together With Ex Again

So you want to get back together with ex? You desire to try it again? What makes you think that it is going to be any different this time than the last time? There may have been a point where you thought that things were going alright and everything was under control. Unfortunately things weren't going as well as you imagined.

Something went wrong and either you were too late in reacting to correct the situation or you were just blind to the problems. Was it something that you did that caused it to fall apart or was it something both of you did? What was it that you could have done to change things? Did you know that things needed to be addressed but you never got around to it? These are only some of the questions you need to be asking if you want to get back together with ex and are sure you want to try it again.

There is a quote that many people throw around that many people attribute to Albert Einstein. "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." There is a lot of truth to this, especially when there is a marriage or relationship that is needing to be rebuilt and they want to get back together with ex.

Many people will go into a reconciliation effort but will go in pretending that nothing happened. They will go in and try to pick up where they left off but that is exactly what they end up doing. If the marriage ended because of some problem that one or the both of you didn't address then it will probably end the same way.

Whatever problems you had prior to breaking up, you better work to get them fixed before you work to get back together with your ex get back together with your ex. If there was something that you had a problem with then fix it. Get counseling or therapy if you need to but, no matter what, address your own situations first.

If it is the other person in the relationship who had some issues that caused the relationship to end. Make sure that they have taken credible steps to fix the issues. When you are needing to get back together and they haven't done anything to fix things on their end then you will be dealing with it all over again.

If the two of you had issues together that tore you apart, get some relationship counseling to try and work things out and get back together with ex. Don't try to jump back into things when you will likely only be trying to jump back out again. Don't try to figure out how to win love back from your ex if you are going to run into the same problems again.

Why is it that you are trying to get back together with ex? If it is because you really love each other and you want to be together forever, then try to get things fixed before you start messing things up again. If you don't address situations that tore you apart the first time it is likely that you are just going to be causing a cycle of pain and your broken heart.

If you think that you need to get back together with ex, save yourself from future heartbreak and fix the issues before they end your relationship forever.

How To Win Ex Girlfriend Back FOR GOOD

If you want to know how to win ex girlfriend back, you are probably wanting to know how to win your ex-girlfriend back for good ex-girlfriend back for good. You couldn't stand to go through the pain or hurt again. You both made mistakes, now it's time to take a step back and evaluate the situation and figure out where to go from this point. Learning how to win ex girlfriend back may mean that you have to change the way you do things. You will have to take a FOR GOOD approach.

Messed Up:

Admit that you did it. Admit that you made mistakes that cost you this relationship. You have to be able to own up to your mistakes and that means you have to own them. They were your mistakes, not anyone else's. Admit it. This is the best place to start if you want to know how to win ex girlfriend back.

Objectively Look At Yourself: Take a good long look at who you are and what was it about you that caused this to happen. Were your mistakes a symptom of a bigger problem that you have? If it was, find out what it was. Look for the bigger picture.

Regret What Happened:

There are some who will tell you to regret nothing. That is incredibly bad advice. If you made a mistake that hurt someone, you should feel regret and guilt. You should feel even worse if it was someone that you love.

Evaluate the Situation:

Assess the damage done. One of the things that people have to do when they are trying to rebuild something that was destroyed is to look around and see what just happened. Once the source of the destruction (your mistakes) has been identified it's time to see what remains. Is there anything worth saving left? Is there enough left that can be built back? Hopefully there is still a foundation left and the damage wasn't so much that there is nothing left to rebuild. You will have to do this if you want to know how to win ex girlfriend back.

Verify That You Have A Chance:

You may be totally dedicated to trying and put things back together but your ex girlfriend may not be. It is hard to win back your ex if they have no desire to bring the love or the relationship back. If they have decided to move on, there may be nothing you can do about it. That is the reality of the situation, that your actions and mistakes may have consequences that involve you losing your girlfriend for good.

Engage In Dialogue:

If your ex girlfriend is willing to talk about anything at all, let it happen. You may have to endure her venting on you and blasting who you are and letting you know how big the mistakes were that you made. This is no time to get defensive. Hopefully these were all things that you realized on your own but hearing it may give you more resolve to correct those mistakes.


Respect what she says. Respect her feelings. Respect her wishes. Treat her with respect.

It may be tough to do but if you really want to know how to win ex girlfriend back for good and have her love you more than ever before, you will have to take your medicine.

Simple How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Steps

How long has it been since your unfortunate breakup and how long have you been trying to figure out how to get your ex girlfriend back? For some guys it's immediate i.e., the minute their girlfriend walks out on them that they want them back. Other guys don't really find out until they're dating someone else only to discover that 'something's missing' with the new girl. How to get your ex girlfriend back under whatever time lapse, involves the same steps. It can be quick and it can be simple, if you follow some basic steps.

Keep yourself looking smart and fit. It's really simple when you feel down and stressed to find yourself eating the wrong foods and not taking care of yourself. You'd be surprised how quick it is to pile on the pounds in a matter of weeks of self-indulgence. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and get down to the gym or over to the football field with a few of the guys.

If you want to know how to get your ex girlfriend back then after you've had a kick around with the guys, go shower and change and get out on the town and enjoy yourself. It won't necessarily do your chances of getting back with your ex any harm if you casually date another girl. Remember, you're not actually in a relationship with your ex, you might want to be, but until that dream is an actual, you're a free agent. But don't set out to hurt some other girl just because you want to make your ex jealous or just because you're thinking about yourself. Just make it clear to the girl that you're just interested in some fun and nothing more.

Get everything that happened in your past relationship into perspective. There's no point fooling yourself about what went wrong in the relationship. You need to come at this situation with fresh and clear honesty if any reconciliation is going to be effective and long lasting. So if you have mistakes to own up to, if you're sure you want to understand how to win love back from your ex girlfriend, make sure that you accept your part in the break down of your relationship.

When you're feeling emotionally secure and you've thought through the relationship and have a healthy perspective, make contact with your ex and talk to her. You don't at this point want to put any pressure on her. You simply want to spend a couple of minutes on the phone with her weighing up where she's at and whether you think she's in an approachable mood. Depending on what you deduce, you either ask for a second chance or you retreat and give it more time.

How To Win Love Back

Your heart is broken and you want to place life on hold until you figure out how to win love back from your ex but your head is telling you to get on with your life. Life is confusing since your ex love decided to call it quits and you need help. Well, hopefully you will find some helpful "how to" information here about how to win love back and to help you get life back into balance.

No doubt this is an emotional and difficult time for you and you are looking forward to the day when you win back your ex love. The sooner your ex love returns the better right? The question is how to make it a reality.

To make the process go more smoothly you should make sure you plan things out and not just go on your feelings. If it was up to your heart you would probably stalk your ex until he or she agreed to come back. Hopefully your head will win over your heart and you will learn how to do more practical stuff to win love back of your ex and get them to desire you more than ever before.

So let's look at this! Your heart is no doubt telling you to drop everything, chase down your ex and make them listen to what you have to say, whether they want to or not. You heart has convinced you that all your ex has to do is to hear and understand just how much you miss, love and want them back and your ex will forget about everything that went wrong take you back on the spot! Wrong!

To win love back from your ex your head would never tell you to do any of that, instead your head would say back off, get a grip and take your time. Guess which one you should be listening to! Yep, your head!

So, leave your ex alone, don't call them, don't try to accidentally bump into them wherever you know they hang out and don't send them love notes - in short make no attempt whatsoever to contact them.

By contacting them, you're making yourself appear desperate, a pain in the butt and someone that no right minded person would even want to be around never mind consider dating again. Like a diamond that increases in value the rarer it is, where your ex is concerned, aim to be rare! Let your ex wonder where you are and why they haven't heard from you and just like that they will want to hear from you and see you.

If you're stuck with a problem and the first person you would usually call is your ex, then you're going to have to figure out how to solve that problem yourself. Not only does this enhance your standing with your ex, because they realize that you can cope on your own, but it also enhances your own standing in your own head. If you figure out how to cook that favorite meal that your ex used to cook for you - you realize you can cope! If you figure out how to change the oil in your car - again you realize that you can cope!

The art of how to win love back from your ex is based in rationale and calmness. Only then will your ex love give you the time of day. Whatever fire is burning in your heart for your ex love, allowing it to run riot and influence you unduly will only be to your detriment. Calm the flames of your passion and instead use the logical! That is what will ultimately help you figure out How To Win Love Back from your ex.

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